How to Harvest Adenium Seeds


Harvesting Adenium Seeds
1. Pollinate the flowers by hand to improve the likelihood of good seed production. Male flowers will contain anthers, little yellow tabs within each flower that are covered with pollen. Female flowers will have a small stem-like projection called the stigma. Pick up pollen from the anthers within a male flower using a small paint brush and dust the stigma in the center of a female flower. The stigma will be sticky and will readily pick up the pollen.
2. Wait patiently. Watch for long, slender, bean-like seed pods to form, which will happen once the flowers have withered, due to successful pollination.
3. Wait until each seed pod has grown to between 11 and 22 centimeters (about 4 to 5 in.). Before each seed pod opens, place a plastic or light cloth bag around it and tie the bag in place.
4. Watch for the seed pod to split down the sides. When the pod opens, the seeds that are disbursed will be captured in the bag for later retrieval.
5. Remove the bag after the seed pod has opened and take the seeds out of the bag. Place the seeds on a sheet of white paper. Inspect the seeds to ensure they’re free of disease or damage.
6. Separate any chaff (casings) from the seeds. Remove the long tufts of white hairs projecting from each end of the seed.
7. Place the seeds in a small container and label it for storage.

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