I love garden. 14 years age I saw Adenium plant in Middle East. I bought some plants and planted in my home. Ever since my friends were asking about the floriferous Adenium. So I developed a passion. I collected some plants of various colours and types flowers they are bearing seeds. I did some cross pollination they are blooming lovely flowers, interesting beautiful colours. Adenium obesum Red, White, Peach, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Burgandy and their variations. Swazicum Hybrids.  I am shipping seeds gift pack  for a small donation.

Grafted plants of above mentioned all kinds are available upon request.


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  1. Pam Ramdeo says:

    I love your photos they are beautiful. I am from Trinidad & Tobago and want to get into a business importing flowering adeniums plants . Could you give me a few growers that prices will be cheaper since our dollar is $ 6.30 to 1USD. I also need to learn how to graft I tried it from looking on the internet and it failed.
    Would really appreciate some help

    • Prince Titus says:

      Hi Pam Ramdeo,
      Thank you for your interest in adenium. Importing plants will be expensive, how ever if you are still interested in cheaper price main market is in Thailand. Please email them from their web sites. If you are interested in Seeds Please let me know.
      Grafting is easy please follow my grafting pages guide by Dr. David one the best method in the world. Please avoid grafting during rainny seasons.

  2. sneha says:

    Today i saw your collection . It is awasome . vibreant colours. wonderful job.

  3. Jekathish says:

    I never seen ,such like ur collections ,its full of ur interest & indepth of Dedication also,Best of Luck ,pl guide me im a beginner !

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